Why are golf carts so expensive? [2023]


It is a common question, why are golf carts so expensive? As golf carts are small, you may wonder why they should not cost that much.
Usually, people prefer straightforward solutions. You could be surprised by the extensive response to this issue if your primary philosophy is don’t make me think too hard.
So, the following components must be considered if you want to comprehend why are golf carts so expensive?
● The small number of businesses that make golf cars
● The price of premium components
● The golf cart’s function (plus safety features and upgrades)
● Demand and availability
● Shipment charges
The above five criteria are frequently added with each other to produce a sticker price that appears to be greater than what it should be.

The small number of businesses that make golf carts

Supply, demand, and competition are critical elements of the open export industry.
Products’ prices decrease when there is greater competition because businesses aim to attract more customers.
There’s a considerable likelihood that anything will have higher prices if there are fewer competitors—or perhaps a monopoly of one or a small number of enterprises.
This is a crucial factor in the current golf cart’s rising prices.
The small number of businesses that make golf carts - Golf Craziers

List of Golf Cart Manufacturers

There are few golf cart manufacturers. In actuality, the market is firmly held by three corporations. This list consists of the following:
● Club Car
● E-Z-Go
● Yamaha
There are a few lesser-known (and more recent) players, such as:
● Evolution
● Polaris
● Star EV
● American Custom Golf Carts (ACG)
● Garia
● Tomberlin

How would this variable increase the cost of a golf cart?

Although there are three significant companies in the market, there isn’t necessarily a monopoly. Thus, buyers should expect to pay more. If E-Z-Go offers a similar golf cart for $1,000, Yamaha won’t sell one for $30,000.
In both good and poor ways, each company keeps the other company’s pricing in check. There would be even more cost differences if there were 20 significant players to pick from, but as there are only 3, golf cart prices are comparable.
Another better illustration is the auto business. Why is the cost of a Lamborghini so much higher than that of a Corolla? To begin with, there is a much more extensive selection of automotive manufacturers. They don’t appeal to the same customer and aren’t obligated to compete on price.
How would this variable increase the cost of a golf cart
The price of premium components of Gas and electric golf carts are both put to the test. That much is certain. Carts are employed at places with dirt, pebbles, water, and caustic elements, like the neighborhood country club, campgrounds, public roadways, and airports.
What’s the point, then?
A golf cart will soon fall apart if a manufacturer uses inferior materials.
Such as, sometimes a bike can only be used for more than two years, while others have been riding the same Trek Mountain Bike for fifteen years.
The golf cart batteries’ price must be considered when estimating the cost of electric carts. We are frequently questioned, “Can you change one battery in a golf cart? ” because of this. Consumers are aware that it can cost more than $1 million to replace a set of six golf cart batteries.
The manufacturers must also cover that cost. The cost you see at your nearby golf cart dealer includes each battery.

Explore 3 vital reasons for increasing the cost of a golf cart

Significant quality components must be used by businesses that care about the brand image in the field. Because of this, manufacturing is costly, and high-quality golf carts are more expensive than you may think.

The golf cart's function (plus safety features and upgrades)

It’s different from every cart being made the same way or with the same use in mind.
A basic gas golf cart or an electric golf car are options for municipal golf courses wanting to buy or lease a new fleet; however, they are optional to have a variety of flashy enhancements.
Because they are purchased in large quantities and don’t require a lot of accessories, the golf cart prices are kept relatively inexpensive. Many courses require a car to get golfers from the fairway to the rough while they search for their ball. The goals of a golf course franchise and those of a customer wishing to buy a street-legal golf cart are incredibly different.
These carts need unique modifications in numerous states to be roadworthy. The price of the golf cart is increased by features like seat belts, brake lights, turn signals, and more. A street-legal golf cart will cost more for safety reasons.
The golf cart's function - one of the reason why golf carts are so expensive

Demand and availability

There is a large market for golf carts and a constrained supply. You are aware of what it entails. High costs!
So cannot provide any excellent luck for you if you’re on a limited budget and constantly wondering, “why are golf carts so expensive.”
Finding an outdated electric golf cart on Facebook or Craigslist might be your best option. Since they require new batteries, electric ones are typically less expensive. If you have some basic abilities and consult a trustworthy golf cart site, you can perform many modifications yourself.
A secondhand gas-powered golf cart could also be possible, but if it has been sitting for a while, an older gas golf cart may need additional maintenance.
Demand and availability - one of the reason of increasing golf carts price

Shipment charges

It will cost money to ship a personalized cart to you whether you want to order a used or new one from an internet marketplace.
Depending on the distance, transport charges for an open or closed trailer can start at a few hundred dollars and go up to $1,000.
Manufacturers cover the costs of shipping golf carts to dealerships, and dealerships pass these costs forward to you. Shipping costs cannot be avoided; they are a fact of life in this industry.